Well 2019 has arrived and designers need to hit the ground running. Techsnoop is here with some recommended assets for you. While these are not free, the prices are great for the amount of products included. These great assets can be used for social media, web design, print projects and more. Let us know in the comments if you like these products.

Beautiful Florals and Glitter

This is a beautiful set of graphics, styles and brushes to add punch to any design. Techsnoop has personally used this set and can endorse it fully. And the price is super nice for the post-holiday budget!

Organic Textures

Need something a bit more rustic? Here is a great collection of stone and wood textures for backgrounds, font textures and social media use.

Techsnoop Designs may receive a small affiliate commission on some product sales. The receipt of a commission does not affect Techsnoop’s decision to refer products. Products are suggested based on their quality only. Pricing and free availability may change at the vendor’s discretion and information is current only as of published date.