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Why Hulk Finally Works

The_Avengers_Movie_by_Alex4everdnThere have been many tries to recapture the magic of the original Hulk TV series in movies.  But, until The Avengers, no one had gotten it “just right”.

If you are into design or animation you may wonder just what creative mix made this version of the Hulk work when others fell short.

Well, first there was the casting of Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner.  A wonderfully understated presentation of the genius is absolutely necessary for this character.  At the same time, he needed to be humble enough to be believed as a genius.  Mark pulls this off effortlessly.  He plays a man who just wants to be left in peace, but with enough I.Q. that this will never be possible.

Second, ILM took the approach of not just creating a monster and throwing it at the screen.  They used facial molds and motion capture to create a Hulk that looks and acts as if it is Mark Ruffalo morphed into the monster.  Check out the video for inspiration with your design and animation.


Fear not, faithful fans, here is today’s freebie;

A set of grunge brushes and the beautiful and useful Rothenburg font.  Happy designing!


Free Icons for Movie Themes

movie icons

(Credit: Smashing Mag)

Today’s free item is a collection of movie themed icons from Smashing Magazine.  The set includes .png .jpg and PSD formats of tickets, popcorn, and other movie themed icons to use freely in any work you choose.

Maybe you are blogging about a movie or created a website for a small indie production.  These are great, ready to use icons to give any of your work a professional and polished appeal.

Download here and don’t forget to give credit to the designer, Nikolay Kuchkarov for saving you hours of work.

Happy designing.