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Designing for Mobilegeddon

DKemp Designs MobilegeddonSo Mobilegeddon has arrived and you are not ready.

The full swing of mobile internet usage has arrived. More users use mobile devices than desktop for search, entertainment and social media. Websites and applications that are not mobile optimized take a hit in search rankings and bounce rate.

So, what is a web designer to do? First, decide what area you want to specialize in. Not next week, now. The Internet of Things will require custom user interfaces for endless screens. Pick a few types to focus on. Next, check out online and off line courses that can get you up to speed with the latest technology, watches, home appliances, vehicles or other.

Next, change your mindset from simple laptop/tablet/phone sizing. Know that consumers will be moving seamlessly from watch to tablet to giant TV screens for information and entertainment. With the Internet of Things, this mix includes home appliances and cars. Icons and content have to scale accordingly with many non-standard view ratios. Also know that voice interaction is prominent and poised to scale even larger. Learn the intuitive ways users interact using voice and have fall back designs for accessibility.

DKemp Designs multi-screen

And most of all change your design approach from ‘responsive’ to ‘mobile first’. Instead of designing for specific devices and breakpoints, have designs scale gracefully from the smallest to the largest screen with appropriate assets.

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50 Ways Design Changed Our Lives

The website BerArt posted an infographic showing 50 of the things we don’t do that used to be daily habits. Many of these innovations came not just from the technology that made it possible, but from the design of devices that made it convenient.

Design affects so many of our activities and choices it should not be taken for granted. So if you are a business owner, be sure you utilize a solid designer like DKemp Designs, for marketing and web design. Stand out from the pack and get your customers in the door with design that reflects your business and goals. Make sure all your marketing is mobile ready and check out the infographic below and see how many of these things you still do on a regular basis.


DKemp Designs technology

Credit: BerArt

Why Upgrade to Adobe CS6? Mobile.

DKemp DesignsWhen designing sites for customers, productivity is key.  Meeting deadlines can make or break your business.  Any tool or resource to shave off time is helpful.  The tutorials below are free and show the time saving benefits of Dreamweaver CS6.

There has been a lot of discussion on when and why to upgrade to the Adobe Creative Suite CS6 version.  Many designers feel it is too soon after CS5.5 to expend resources to upgrade software.

But in the case of the CS6 changes, it might be time to bite the bullet and upgrade.  There are significant changes that increase productivity and smooth workflow in the CS6 Suite.  One of the best is the ability to create mobile-ready sites for your customers that take the headache out of figuring break points and other mobile issues.

In the case of Dreamweaver, there is now a fluid layout option that allows you to create responsive CSS on the fly when designing.  You can move assets around and the code is automatically updated for you.  This takes at least half of the work load off writing the CSS code for a mobile ready site.

In our second tutorial below, creating simple CSS transitions with Dreamweaver CS6 is demonstrated.  If you have a portfolio or e-commerce site, this can again be a real time saver.

So, enjoy the tutorials, save time, make money.  And be sure to let us know in the comments if this has helped you.

Happy working from Techsnoop at DKemp Designs