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Here are some  great tutorials for maximizing the photo retouch tools in Photoshop.  It can be very frustrating to try to get rid of distracting objects in photos only to have the photo look smeared.

The first video shows how a little attention to set up and use of multiple tools can eliminate blurs and hard transitions.  Our second video is more advanced on skin softening and retaining details.

So, get out your preferred caffeine fix and let’s get learning!

Thank you to envatopsd and Lightenupandshoot.

If you’ve been so busy working that you didn’t get out your Christmas cards, Techsnoop has rounded up some great resources to get you caught up.  Use these free PSD files to send some personalized e-cards to family and friends.  The creative touch will make up for your procrastination.

From Webdesignmash is a collection of layered PSDs for full customization benefits.  It includes backgrounds and icons to create great designs.  (All images below are samples.)

holiday psds 004 Free Collection of Christmas PSD Downloads from FREEPSDFILES.NET


Gavick.com has a great collection of vector and PSD icons and backgrounds for extra ho, ho, ho credits.



From PSD Blast we get icons, wallpapers and some WordPress themes, all free.  Please note; the WordPress themes seem to be old and may not work with the current version of WordPress.  You may want to search for an update of the theme unless you are a WordPress master and can update them yourself.  There are also some patterns and fonts available on this site.

Christmas Train by Vladstudio


Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year from Techsnoop and DKemp Designs!

(Credit: Template Monster)

Need a rich, dark themed website?  Like to work with Joomla?  We have the theme for you from our friends at Template Monster.

Created for an Interior Design business, it is also suitable for many other businesses with a little modification.  The black/red/white colors provide great contrast and readability.  Pop in your own content and pictures, and viola!  You have a professional-looking and functioning website.  Download here.

As always, this template is completely free for any use.  It does not come with support so, if you are not a Joomla master, contact DKemp Designs or Template Monster for paid assistance with personalizing this template.

Have a great week,

Techsnoop Designs


(Credit: Smashing Mag)

Welcome to Techsnoop Designs, your resource site for free design resources from around the web.  Techsnoop Designs is the official design blog of DKemp Designs.  All free resources formerly found on Techsnoop’s Helper will now be posted here.  Techsnoop’s Helper will focus on games, gadgets, sci-fi, Social Media and the occasional miscellaneous fun post.

Here on Techsnoop Designs, you will be able to find templates, brushes, PSDs, patterns, icons and tutorials, all free, all the time.  At the time of posting, all resources listed are 100% free.  However, some items may only be offered for a short time so be sure to sign up to get an e-mail whenever new items are posted.

First up from one of our favorite sites, Smashing Magazine, a free e-commerce WordPress template, Balita.  The theme is geared for selling children’s items and is completely free to use and customize.  It even includes the e-commerce plug-in for generating your sales pages.  Download here and let Smashing Magazine know you appreciate the help.

If you need specific resources, let us know in the comments and we will try to find them for you.

Thanks for joining us, Techsnoop