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Small business owners and Freelancers need all the design resources they can get at affordable pricing. Here are some graphic design resources that can boost your business and present your brand professionally at budget prices.


You can never have too many fonts and vintage is really hot right now. Countdownville is a beautiful and versatile font with extra frames and glyphs.


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Beautiful floral designs help everything from Instagram posts to flyers pop. These can be used in a variety of ways.  

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Promotion and marketing are crucial for small business and freelancers. This complete kit allows you to have your branding look professional across all platforms.

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Like these? Let us know in the comments what your business needs. Techsnoop will scout them out!

For freelancers, Friday the 13th is just another day. But this collection of Free design resources makes it a lucky day for small business owners and freelancers who act quickly. Some specials expire Saturday or Sunday. Techsnoop has rounded up some great free design resources. And be sure to subscribe to get notified of future bargains.

Script Font


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Solar System Graphic


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Watercolor Florals


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Need a lot of resources? Get this bundle for Free from Dealjumbo. And while you’re there, check out these items at great prices;

Magical Watercolor collection


Techsnoop Designs may receive a small affiliate commission on some product sales. The receipt of a commission does not affect Techsnoop’s decision to refer products. Products are suggested based on their quality only.

Here are some recommended assets to speed your creativity on it’s way.

You can never have too many fonts!

Looking for a sweet, modern script font? Look no further, this is a great multi-purpose script font. It is great for blogs, social media content and branding.

In addition, you get all these extras;

  • Magnolia Merchant Script (OTF & TTF) – A flirty, causal semi-script, complete with a FULL set of both uppercase and lowercase alternates and ligatures (Including over 80 additional characters).
  • Magnolia Merchant Italic (OTF & TTF) – An italic version for your creative pleasure.
  • Magnolia Merchant Sans (OTF & TTF) – An adorable sans serif to compliment Magnolia Merchant Script.
  • Magnolia Merchant Extras (OTF & TTF) – More than 50 extra decorative elements and catch words to make your work stand out!
  • A Handy PSD file for Legacy Photoshop Versions. Just open the file and cut & paste!
  • Plus a BONUS set of: 4 Magnolia Styled Stock Photos.


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Fall Graphics

Watercolor Succulents are great all purpose graphics that add a touch of handcrafted elegance to any graphic. The colors are right on time for fall!

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Free Fonts

Happy Freebie Friday everyone.  Techsnoop has rounded up some great looking script fonts to spice up your website, print projects or headlines.  They all have open, rounded shapes and are easy to read at all sizes.  Best of all, they are free.  A big thank you to the creators for providing excellent design resources.


Windsong font

Simply Glamorous

Simply Glamorous font

Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue font


As with all free resources, be sure to read the license information.  These fonts are all free for personal use, but some may charge for commercial use.  Let us know in the comments how you used these fonts.  And come back next week for a great tutorial.

Happy Designing!

Techsnoop loves to share free stuff and this week we found a great new font for headlines and other bold use.  But best of all, it comes in both a static .tff file and an animated AE file for motion and video work!

franchise font

Franchise is a collaboration of one type designer and 110 animators who each animated one element.  Every letter, punctuation and numerical character has a unique animation.  The color palette is limited to 4 colors and the animations are 25 frames each.  If you want to get started animating fonts in AE, this is a great download.

All for the low, low cost of a Tweet or FB post!


While you’re on the site, pick up Typogami, another great font with both animated and static versions for free.  Typogami’s static font is an .otf file.

Free fonts means you have plenty of moolah left over for coffee or Coca-Cola!  So pick up your free fonts, caffeine rush and get to designing.

If you use these in a project, let us know in the comments so we can see!

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, most design requires words to convey an accurate message.  No matter how beautiful or compelling your graphics and pictures are, typography drives the message to your customers.  For both print and digital, the proper use of typography can make or break your design work.

Every designer loathes being stuck in a creative rut.  Fresh and creative use of typography and images requires a lot of work, and the frequent changes in the industry make it critical to stay on top of trends.

To keep things interesting, you need a warehouse of fonts.  Nothing says boring faster than using the same fonts on every project.  To help take some of the pain out of designing, Techsnoop is bringing you 3 fresh and modern fonts.  Although the fonts are free, consider donating to some of the creators if you are able.

So here are some great free fonts to keep your designs sharp;


A great headline font.











Deco Neue;

An Art Deco based font.










Source Sans Pro;

A clean all purpose open-source font from Adobe.