Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

Handwritten fonts are all the rage for marketing and social media. They convey personality, add emphasis and make your message stand out. But collecting a distinctive group of these fonts can be costly for a designer. Techsnoop is here for you. This is a great collection of fonts in brush, elegant, … Continue reading

New Year, New Designs

Well 2019 has arrived and designers need to hit the ground running. Techsnoop is here with some recommended assets for you. While these are not free, the prices are great for the amount of products included. These great assets can be used for social media, web design, print projects and more. Let … Continue reading

Design Collaboration Tools

Web and Graphic Designers almost always work in teams.  From creating layouts and user interfaces to elaborate games and app development, the designer needs to collaborate frequently.  E-mail tag just doesn't cut it as a method for rapid feedback and updates. Thankfully, there are many … Continue reading