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New Year, New Designs

Well 2019 has arrived and designers need to hit the ground running. Techsnoop is here with some recommended assets for you. While these are not free, the prices are great for the amount of products included. These great assets can be used for social media, web design, print projects and more. Let us know in the comments if you like these products.

Beautiful Florals and Glitter

This is a beautiful set of graphics, styles and brushes to add punch to any design. Techsnoop has personally used this set and can endorse it fully. And the price is super nice for the post-holiday budget!

Organic Textures

Need something a bit more rustic? Here is a great collection of stone and wood textures for backgrounds, font textures and social media use.

Techsnoop Designs may receive a small affiliate commission on some product sales. The receipt of a commission does not affect Techsnoop’s decision to refer products. Products are suggested based on their quality only. Pricing and free availability may change at the vendor’s discretion and information is current only as of published date.

UI and UX Explained

Techsnoop Designs UI or UX

UI and UX are hot buzzwords in the design industry today. Businesses large and small are scrambling to hire experts in these two fields often without understanding the differences. Techsnoop is here to give you a brief understanding of what each is and why they are important.


UI stands for user interaction. This covers the various ways an end user (read ‘potential customer’) interacts with your site or application. This includes finding and clicking links, watching videos and completing forms.


UX is user experience and refers to the experience the user has on your site or application. Cumbersome forms that ask for unnecessary information and hard to find contact data are items that cause negative user experiences.

What is Good UI/UX?

Good UI and UX are seamless and elegant. Customers know intuitively where to click or look when accessing information on your site. Contact information is located in several convenient places and prominent. Finding information takes 3 clicks or less. Users contact you or purchase without frustration. These are all indicators of good UI and UX.

How to Choose?

Actually, businesses should not choose between UI and UX and need to incorporate the best practices in each. Small businesses may not have the budget to hire separate UI and UX staff with a Webdesigner. Instead, try to hire a webdesigner who has some experience with UI and UX.

If funds for a professionally designed website are low, try a good template site. Remember these are just to get you started and do not directly meet the needs of your customer base, but are designed according to general principals. Once your business is generating income, consider a custom designed site that targets your market base more strategically. There are many companies to consider so have a consultation first. DKemp Designs offers a free 30 minute phone consultation for all.

During a consultation, discuss market goals, functionality, branding and of course, cost. These factors need to be comfortable for you and your business.

Let us know in the comments if you have found an elegant web solution for your customers.



Designing for Mobilegeddon

DKemp Designs MobilegeddonSo Mobilegeddon has arrived and you are not ready.

The full swing of mobile internet usage has arrived. More users use mobile devices than desktop for search, entertainment and social media. Websites and applications that are not mobile optimized take a hit in search rankings and bounce rate.

So, what is a web designer to do? First, decide what area you want to specialize in. Not next week, now. The Internet of Things will require custom user interfaces for endless screens. Pick a few types to focus on. Next, check out online and off line courses that can get you up to speed with the latest technology, watches, home appliances, vehicles or other.

Next, change your mindset from simple laptop/tablet/phone sizing. Know that consumers will be moving seamlessly from watch to tablet to giant TV screens for information and entertainment. With the Internet of Things, this mix includes home appliances and cars. Icons and content have to scale accordingly with many non-standard view ratios. Also know that voice interaction is prominent and poised to scale even larger. Learn the intuitive ways users interact using voice and have fall back designs for accessibility.

DKemp Designs multi-screen

And most of all change your design approach from ‘responsive’ to ‘mobile first’. Instead of designing for specific devices and breakpoints, have designs scale gracefully from the smallest to the largest screen with appropriate assets.

Need more help? Contact DKemp Designs for a free consultation. Get mobile now.







One, Two, Three, Slidely!

In the video tools review, next up is Slidely. The name pretty much says it all.

Slidely is very easy to use, has a free version and makes beautiful slider-like presentations.

But, this is no video export. You can post to social media or embed on websites, but there is no download option in the free version. If you are assembling or repurposing some graphics that are already complete, Slidely can accomplish some beautiful effects for posting.

If you need actual footage or editing, Slidely has a Promo section complete with footage and music. The Promo has a unique price structure. You put your video together and then decide if you want to purchase. You can share the preview for free (check out ours here) or choose from the plans available.

The best feature of Slidely Promo is the ability to add custom captions to the footage.

Slidely Comic preview by Slidely Slideshow

Check out Slidely and let us know in the comments what you think.








Branding Friday Freebies

Freebie Friday lives.

Welcome back friends of Techsnoop. If you’re looking to create a feminine brand style for your website or social media, here are some great resources.

First is a pack of glamourous textures and brushes in super trending rose gold. These textures and colors are modern and clean without being overly girly. So if you need some subtle but memorable accents, these can be used on fonts, shapes and backgrounds to spice up your branding.


Powered by Creative Market

Need some great pre-styled stock images? Following our theme of feminine branding products, these grey and pink images are perfectly styled for summer posts and Instagram. There are even some with smart objects to allow easy adding your own works. A beautiful way to present.  

  Powered by Creative Market

Oh, yeah, here are the FREE resources to help you get started;

Powered by Creative Market


Powered by Creative Market

Happy Creating!

Techsnoop Friday Freebies

Welcome to Friday. Today we have a couple of great free resources from Creative Market. Who doesn’t love getting something for free?

This beautiful brush script font is perfect for social media, blog posts and websites.


Powered by Creative Market

And this vector cherry blossom design can be used in endless ways, from Instagram posts to website headers.

  Powered by Creative Market

These great free resources are only free through Sunday, July 23 at 11:59 pm, so hurry and don’t miss out. As always, be sure to check the license for any restrictions on usage.

Video Marketing with Stupeflix

So, Techsnoop spent a couple of hours this weekend reviewing some of the new video marketing tools available. The first one to be reviewed is Stupeflix.


  • Site is free to use for basic videos.
  • The site is very easy to use.
  • The videos can be shared via Twitter, Facebook or embeded.
  • The videos can be uploaded to your existing YouTube or Vimeo account.


  • No ability to add text to frames.
  • Very limited editing.

Basically, if your content is not exactly formatted before upload, you are stuck. This means you need an independent video editor to add or edit video clips before you add them to Stupeflix. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think in the comments.



CSS Slide Out Menu

Speed Up Your Website with CSS

With more customers using mobile to access your sites, it just makes sense to make sure you have blazing fast load times. Customers on mobile will click off after just 2 seconds if your site does not load.

One of the things you can do to have faster load times is to minimize the amount of JavaScript or jQuery used. So how do you balance the awesome effects leveraged with these tools against the needed load time? Use more CSS transitions and animations in your site.

CSS has really expanded the range of effects possible without additional load on end users. One very popular effect for responsive design is the slide out menu. This effect allows users to have instant access to the menu with one hand and no fumbling!

This excellent video courtesy of Codecourse shows how to create a great slide out menu with only CSS and HTML. No snippets, no JavaScript at all. This video rocks and will take you to the next level as a designer. And if you want a great mobile website with this effect, contact DKemp Designs, we’ll be happy to help.