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UI and UX Explained

Techsnoop Designs UI or UX

UI and UX are hot buzzwords in the design industry today. Businesses large and small are scrambling to hire experts in these two fields often without understanding the differences. Techsnoop is here to give you a brief understanding of what each is and why they are important.


UI stands for user interaction. This covers the various ways an end user (read ‘potential customer’) interacts with your site or application. This includes finding and clicking links, watching videos and completing forms.


UX is user experience and refers to the experience the user has on your site or application. Cumbersome forms that ask for unnecessary information and hard to find contact data are items that cause negative user experiences.

What is Good UI/UX?

Good UI and UX are seamless and elegant. Customers know intuitively where to click or look when accessing information on your site. Contact information is located in several convenient places and prominent. Finding information takes 3 clicks or less. Users contact you or purchase without frustration. These are all indicators of good UI and UX.

How to Choose?

Actually, businesses should not choose between UI and UX and need to incorporate the best practices in each. Small businesses may not have the budget to hire separate UI and UX staff with a Webdesigner. Instead, try to hire a webdesigner who has some experience with UI and UX.

If funds for a professionally designed website are low, try a good template site. Remember these are just to get you started and do not directly meet the needs of your customer base, but are designed according to general principals. Once your business is generating income, consider a custom designed site that targets your market base more strategically. There are many companies to consider so have a consultation first. DKemp Designs offers a free 30 minute phone consultation for all.

During a consultation, discuss market goals, functionality, branding and of course, cost. These factors need to be comfortable for you and your business.

Let us know in the comments if you have found an elegant web solution for your customers.



Get Started with Multimedia

Techsnoop is always looking to expand her skills. If you are interested in making your own multimedia for your website or for customers, take a look at Adobe After Effects. There are many simple animations and transitions that can be accomplished with minimal skill. In addition, if you have a Creative Cloud membership, After Effects plays well with Photoshop and Illustrator. So you can create assets in your favorite program and pull them into After Effects to animate. Take a look at this video from Terry White, our favorite Adobe Guru and jump into something new this summer.


Send us a link to your masterpiece in the comments.

Free PSD Files for Christmas

If you’ve been so busy working that you didn’t get out your Christmas cards, Techsnoop has rounded up some great resources to get you caught up.  Use these free PSD files to send some personalized e-cards to family and friends.  The creative touch will make up for your procrastination.

From Webdesignmash is a collection of layered PSDs for full customization benefits.  It includes backgrounds and icons to create great designs.  (All images below are samples.)

holiday psds 004 Free Collection of Christmas PSD Downloads from FREEPSDFILES.NET has a great collection of vector and PSD icons and backgrounds for extra ho, ho, ho credits.



From PSD Blast we get icons, wallpapers and some WordPress themes, all free.  Please note; the WordPress themes seem to be old and may not work with the current version of WordPress.  You may want to search for an update of the theme unless you are a WordPress master and can update them yourself.  There are also some patterns and fonts available on this site.

Christmas Train by Vladstudio


Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year from Techsnoop and DKemp Designs!